What type of Airtime top up account to sign up for

1. if you are an organisations with several staff please sign up for: Corporate
2. If you an etop up dealer please sign up for a Dealer Account.
i. A dealer account earns Bonuses on all recharges done under the account
ii. A dealer account also earns Commissions on introducing corporate and dealer accounts.
3. If you are being introduced by your organsation/colleagues please sign up for personal.
4. If you are being introduced by your dealer who will manage your top up then please sign up for personal.

SOLKAP Airtime top up solution enables organisations/dealers or individuals to:
1. easily organise airtime top ups for their entire organisation or family, extended family or friends 
2. carry out large number of recharges or automate the process of top up, daily, weekly, monthly or for several months. 

For more info please contact us at: solkap@solkap.ng