Terms & Conditions

1.   Payment to SOLKAP

a.    SOLKAP will accept payments by internet banking and by cheque. However cheque payment will be phased out by next year.

b.    Client's company name and account number indicated on cheque paid to SOLKAP should be the same as one client registers on his SOLKAP account.

c.    Payments remitted to SOLKAP by internet banking should be from the same Bank accounts client registered on his SOLKAP account.

d.    Value of clients payments will be credited into his SOLKAP account immidiately after cheque clears.


2. Commissions

Commissions earned during promotional period will be cleared and deposited into a member's SOLKAP account after 60 days.

3. Security

a. Once an account is created all users are required to change passwords sent to them via email: Admin, sub-admin, and all the rest of the users.

b, A member must sign out SOLKAP account as soon as he is done..

c. We advise that only personally known members by Admin be signed up on a SOLKAP account..

d. SOLKAP Account close down: SOLKAP reserves the liberty to close down an account should there be any case of impersonation. The account will only be reopned if satisfactory evidence of owbership is provided and endored by appropriate authorities.