About Us


SOLKAP has years of experience in providing electronic payments and electronic airtime solution. res little no training by the customers and addresses the complex needs of large organizations and also dealers and individuals. In order to achieve this, we developed our solution over the years by direct consultations with users in organizations, staff, IT managers, and dealers so that their requirements were addressed as perfectly as possible. Today 1000s of our subscribers use our solution without any assistence or training.

To make this possible we partner with industry experts to develop and maintain our platform that meets international standards in processes and security, which is most important us inorder to gain customer confidence, satisfaction and of course trust.

In the bid to provide a very secure payment transaction we dont allow any transaction to be completed without an OTP (One Time Password) sent which is sent to a subscriber via sms to his phone number registered on his bank account.

SOLKAP development team consists of experts with vast experience in online Payment Gateways, Banking software development, Networking and server management experts.


The Following are the Companies SOLKAP partners with to provide e-top up services:
1. Globacom


2. Interswitch


3. Quickteller


4. GoDaddy



5. 1and1



Please contact us at  solkap@solkap.ng