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Get Bonus!! Get Commissions!!!
No Investment Required!!

Its Simple!!! Its Easy!!!

You don't even have to invest any Money, Just introduce customers: Small companies, Large Companies, Individuals!!


1. How it works:
Sign up for a Dealer/Corporate account. Get the url to your account and Paste it on your website, if you have  one, otherwise broadcast the url on your Facebook, WhatsApp or any social media. Subsequently, encourage individuals to sign up under your account and introduce Dealers/Corporate organizations

2. Types of Accounts:
When you click to sign up you will see two buttons:
1. Dealer/Corporate Account:
a. this is the same kind of account you will sign up for and its meant for organizations to manage entire company's recharge.
b. they will all earn same incentives on recharges and introductions. Incentives are calculated on cumulative total recharges on each network, at the end of the month.

3. Personal Account:
a. this is meant for individuals to manage their recharge and that of their family's.
b. this category gets a flat bonis each time they fund their e-wallet with their debit cards.
c. as long as personal accounts are funding their wallets and recharging, you dont have to make any payment/fund your own e-wallet.


4. Dealers can sell following:
a. Airtime: Glo, Glo Data, MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile,
b. Voice and Data SIMS:
i. Glo CUG sims (Max 500)
ii. Voice and Data sims: Flexi 500 

5. Bonus Rates:
Bonus will be calculated after 12am on all the recharges from
1st of the month to the end of the month, for each network seperately. 

6. Targets on all networks:
there are three levels of targets in each network that must be met in a month to earn three levels of bonuses. 
Level 1: N 10,000.00 monthly
Level 2: N 20,000.00 monthly
Level 3: N 25,000.00 monthly

7. Glo SIMs:
if you or your customer purchases Glo SIMs from us both of you will get extra incentives when those numbers are recharged.

8. Please check details on commissions and bonuses on the sign up page for the dealer accounts. its at the bottom of the page.

9. Requirements/Terms and conditions:
a. No monthly or anual subscription fee required, 
b. Dealer and introduced customer must meet
monthly targets to earn bonuses on each network
c. Once targets are met Dealer will get bonus on all the
recharges done at the end of the month, after 12am in his solkap account.
However, dealer can request cash in any bank account if he has accrued up
hundred thousand Naira.
d. Bonuses and commissions will be calculated seperately for all
the Networks and report will be available after 12am,
e. Dealer must buy at least 10 sims Glo SIMs monthly, either Fexi 500 or
Max 500 or Max Talk, at Glo authorized price of N500 and N3000 to earn extra incentives SOLKAP SIMs.
These sims will be set up on dealer account so that when he recharges he gets extra bonus.
f. Dealer must purchase a minimum of N10,000.00 in his SOLKAP account whenever he wishes to fund his e-wallet. However if his personal accounts are actively buying then he does not have to bother.
g. All personal accounts get 2% flat of whatever amount he funds his e-wallet with.
h. To take advantage of SOLKAP you must focus more on signing up customers, personal  accounts and corporate/Dealer accounts, from the internet using your social media instead of engaging in selling to customers manually - recharge and collect money later. This wont work!! Encourage customers to sign up and fund their wallets themselves and recharge themselves, after all they will get bonus which makes it cheaper to buy from you than buying recharge cards or from your bank via short-codes.


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