Introduce SOLKAP

SOLKAP corporate/dealer accounts have a unique URL to their login/registration page. This URL can be copied and pasted on your website or on your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can even upload your company logo and name on the registration/log in page. This way you can easily build your brand, enable you to drive traffic and all marketing activities to your own website or your social media account.

If you have large followership on your social media why not earn bonuses by introducing SOLKAP to your followers by broadcasting the URL to your account to your followers. Bonuses will be credited to your SOLKAP account at the end of the month after an assessment of all the activity under your account and the ones you introduced. 

You Will Get 2 Sets of Incentives
1. When you recharge using your SOLKAP account,
2. When the corporate accounts you introduce recharge,


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