Social Media link to your SOLKAP Account

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All SOLKAP accounts can be linked to customer's social media and his customers can sign up and log in from there.

SOLKAP provides powerful facility for customers to do their from thier own social media:
1. WhatsApp
2. Facebook
3. Their own Website site
4. Anyother social media

How it Work
Once you have signed for a relevant account, Log in and goto "My Account". You will see the url to your account in red under the caption "user sign up url", as shown below:

This url is unique and points only to your own account. You can copy this url into any of your social media eg and your customers can sign up directly from there and log in from there too. If you have a website you can copy/paste the url there too and you will be able to sign up new customers from your website.

Advantages of Social Media Link to your Account
The url link to your account gives you the following advantages:
1. you can market your website or social media account to drive traffic there
2. you can easily broadcast your url via WhatsApp or facebook to sign up your customers in large scale 
3. your customers will see your name when they click on your url

Types of Account to sign up via URL
there are two categories of account you can sign up via the url:
1. personal account:
a. if the url was sent to you by your organization, then click on personal
b. if the url was sent to you by your dealer, then click on personal
c. both "a" and "b" will the managed by your organization's admin or your dealer. however personal account can also fund his account independently of his organization or dealer
2. Corporate or dealer account
this category of account is meant for an organization or a dealer. these accounts can sign up users under their accounts.

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