Etop up

Features of Our E-Top Up Solution

Our solution addresses the needs of organisations, dealers or individuals who require:

1. large scale recharge daily from all networks,
2. schedule large number of recharges based on dates,
3. enable subscribers to independendly recharge without the help of an admin/ dealer

Corporate account:

Solkap is an ideal solution for small to larger Organisations to manage daily, weekly or monthly airtime allocations to their staff, automatically.
The corporate account will be required to purchase airtime in bulk for distribution to staff.

1. Coporate are can be signed from our site.
2. After an account has been signed up, an organisation's admin can create staff accounts under the official account. The accounts can be divided into several groups.
3. Organisation can funds their account with their debit cards or internet banking.
4. Once the corporate account is funded, the admin can set up numbers to be recharged under each staff accounts, 100s of numbers under each staff account can be set up. The official account and staff's personal account can run concurrently without any accounting complications.
5. Admin can also fund staff' account from the official account. A comprehensive report can ber generated for all usages: recharges, transfers or purchases.
6. Admin can recharge staff lines en masse or schedule the process of recharge by dates, 1000s of numbers if required. Each staff number can be recharged on multiple dates in the same month automatically.

7. Large exel files of staff numbers can easily be uploaded into accounts by admin


Staff Account
1. the staff can also fund his account independently of admin with his debit cards
staff can set up 100s numbers of friends and family in their account 
3. staff can recharge en masse or schedule the process recharge by dates, 100s of numbers if required

Personal account: end users sign up either under an organisation who is our customer or under a dealer or they can sign up for a personal account right from our website.

Comprehensive reports can be generated on each user, on a number or, date range etc etc on all accounts.

How to Sign up

Signing up is extremely simple:

1. go to
2. click on "Register now"
3. Fill up the form, name, email address, your state and city,
4. Choose account type - Corporate,
5. Once account type has been chosen, choose a preferred product that is most suitable,
6. Once a product has been chosen please go through the terms and conditions of the product,
7. Once you are ready to sign up click on save and you will be forwarded to interswitch to fund your solkap account.
8. As soon as transaction is completed the registeration and log in details will be sent to your email,
9. In the event a payment does not go through you will have to retry, only when payment is completed that you will receive log in details or contact us at
10. Airtime purchased plus bonus will be deposited in the solkap account signed up for. Account balance can be seen on the top-middle of the page once logged in.


Dealer Account:

There are 2 category of dealers we can address:

1. Existing Dealers: who have existing accounts with all the networks and wish to have a web platform to take advantage of the internet and increase their market share. Such dealers can confirgure their existing account on our platform.
2. Dealers on SOLKAP: who wish to start off right away and sign up directly under us.

Existing Dealers:

1. Existing dealers will need to contact us to discuss requirements,
2. Payments made by dealers customers online will be paid automatically into dealers' bank account in cycles of 48hrs,
3. Dealers will be charged yearly subscriptions for the usage of the platform and a flat fee for the transfer of all the payments to dealers' account
4. Dealers will be required to get API documents from their networks for configuration.
5. A minimum of 6 weeks and maximum of 8 weeks will be required to confirgure and test.
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This is for someone who intends using the solkap platform to run a small airtime sales business at no costs.
Dealers account has all the features of the above mentioned corporate account. The only difference is that dealers can make commissions.


1. Dealer signs up for a dealer account by clicking on "register" on the top right corner. Please choose "dealer" under account type
2. Dealer funds his account using his debit cards and gets commissions monthly, on the last day of the month,
3. Dealer's entire turnover will be calculated and commissions delivered to his solkap account.

4. Rate of bonus depends on the turnover, which can rage from 2% to 10%.
5. Once the dealer account has been set up he can then create users under his account
a.  dealer can either set up numbers in each account he creates and recharge or,
b. fund his user's account so that he can recharge by himself or,

c. user can fund his account and recharge by himself.
6. Dealer can also recharge en masse or schedule the recharge process by dates, 1000s of numbers if required

7. Large list of numbers in exel format can be easily uploaded into an account by dealer
8. Comprehensive reports can be generated on each user, on a number or, date range etc etc



1. Existing users can introduce others into the dealers' account
2. users can set up numbers to be recharged
3. Users can also fund their account using their debit cards.
4. Once user account is funded, user can set up 100s of numbers to be recharged or schduled/automated by dates.
5. User can recharge en masse or schedule the recharge process by dates, 100s of numbers if required
Comprehensive reports can be generated on each user, on a number or, date range etc etc

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