E-Top Up Solution for Banks' Corporate Clients

Banks Can Optimize Their Existing E-Top Up Business By Offering Corporate E-Top Up Products. SOLKAP can customize her e-top up solution for Banks/integrate with their payment Gateway to automate the process of billing customers, debiting their bank accounts and providing incentives in cash in the case of dealers/affiliates.

How Banks do the e-Top Up Business:
Currently, Banks offer only simple solution for individual recharges, as we all know you can dial a short code and recharge a number or you can log into your online banking platform and recharge your number while instantly having your bank account debited. This solution however does not address the large  Corporate post paid/pre paid market. All the large corporate organizations are on post paid, worth 100s of billions Naira monthly and Banks are yet to exploit this huge segment.

How Post Paid Works
As we know, the post paid from any network is actually a prepaid because the client has to pay security deposit which is equivalent to the requested credit limit. In some cases when some clients are exempted from paying security deposits upfront they are made to provide a Bank Guarantee that covers the entire credit limit requested. Bank Guarantee still means an equivanlent amount of cash has been set aside by the Bank. From every angle Post Paid products are basically prepaid products.
At the end of every month credit limits, as requested by clients are reset to the original value while bills for usage are prepared and sent to clients for settlement.


The Pre Paid Product

How can Banks Exploit The Post Paid Market
As mentioned above, there is no True Post Paid product in the market because customers have to pay security deposits upfront. This is done to reduce operator's exposure to risk or default by customer. As the Bank is in the best position to Guarantee her customers they can afford to directly Guarantee them and offer them Post Paid Airtime services. For instance, a corporate client does a monthly turnover of 20M Naira in his Bank account which the Bank has access to and control over, customers subscribes to 2M monthly:
1. Bank Gives the client 2M upfront in his Airtime Account
2. While Client shares the 2M to his staff as he likes, in fact he can automate the process of sharing for the entire year or years
3. End of the month usage bill is automatically prepared and sent to client while he can varify by checking his reports from his Airtime account
4. At the same time staff too receive their usage bills
5. Bank too receives entire file of usage for all customers and debits all Bank accounts and Automatically reset the Airtime account to N2M at the beginning of every month
6. On the other hand Admin on the clients side receives usage reports of all staff rolls it through payroll and debits salaries and automatically resets staff airtime account to value set by Admin

1. Cusomter gets true Post Paid
2. Customer satisfactorily manages most of the activities himself which otherwise would require him writing to operator which may surely cause lots of delays
3. Corprate could use this as a means of awarding incentives to staff, apart from that they will be able to buy airtime for friends and family without having to dial shot codes or going through anyother long process of topping up their numbers. They will also be able to automate the process of top up to all their family and friends
4. For the bank its a means of customer loyalty scheme apart from other reasons

How SOLKAP Can Help
SOLKAP can provide a customized post paid and pre paid management top up solution to Banks for her corporate clients, Corporate clients that require 100s of recharges daily or on weekly basis. There are two categories of solution we can provide:
Customized Solution:
Simple Solution:

For further information please contact us at solkap@solkap.ng