E-Top Up Solution for Banks' Corporate Clients

Currently, Banks offer simple electronic recharge solution to her customers which is targeted at the individuals only. A huge, more lucrative, better structured corporate market worth several billions of Naira monthly remains under served electronically, largely due to lack of suitable recharge solution. Off-the-shelf-Recharge software, the kind operators have can cost millions of Dollars and still do not precisely address the corporate recharge needs in the Nigerian telecoms market as the market dynamics keep changing fast. So even if Banks invested in an extremely expensive software with fixed functionality it will be outdated within a short time. Perhaps that’s the reason behind banks’ decision not to invest in such a software and they are left to partner with 3rd parties to provide simple solution.

SOLKAP E-COMM SOLUTIONS LIMITED with its vast experience in telecoms products in Nigeria and their unique recharge processes and requirements developed a comprehensive, flexible recharge solution to address corporate market and has been in use for the past six years. With our solution small and large organizations can run their entire company’s communication even on Pre Paid numbers by automating most of the processes.

We look forward to partnering with Banks on terms that will cost banks little to deploy our unique fully customizable solution to optimize their existing recharge business. With our solution Banks will be able to offer corporate Pre Paid and True Post Paid recharge services to their corporate clients. It requires very little management as most of the processes can be automated.

The Pre Post/ Pre Paid Process For a Bank

Telecoms operators do not offer Pre Paid products to Corporate organizations due to lack of a suitable recharge platform that can manage company-wide recharges. And their Post Paid isn’t Post Paid at all because customers have to pay security deposits upfront on every number to sign up. As a result organizations are stuck with only one option: Post Paid, which is more expensive to manage due to higher tariffs, security deposit tied up and offers little control.
How it Will Work: As banks have access to all customer’s funds and know their worth, they can afford to overlook the need for a Bank Guarantee or security deposit to sign them up on a Post Paid plan. Thereby giving customers a True Post Paid, which of course will be backed by their deposits or cash flow. It does not matter what type of numbers a customer has: post paid or pre paid, Bank’s job will be to provide recharge funds and platform for recharge management to customers. An organization will be able to run their post paid plan with bank on their existing numbers, even if they bought pre paid numbers across the street.
For instance – Post Paid: a customer's monthly inflow is N10,000,000.00, which means it’s safe to advance N500,000.00 monthly, backed by deposits/inflows, to a customer without any upfront payment. His recharge e-wallet is automatically funded with N500,000.00, on the 1st of every month and his Bank account is debited automatically too for a month’s recharge on the last day of the month. The organizations in turn, out of the monthly funds, credit staff’s sub-wallets for their personal recharges without any upfront payments, backed by their salaries. At the end of the month HR/Admin can run personal usage reports through payroll to debit staff salaries for the payment of personal usage. This way all staff will never have to pass through any payment gateway and will be able to automate recharges for their entire family and extended families on monthly basis just like an organization will be able to recharge and automate official recharges on 100s of numbers. All processes, from funding of client’s wallet to funding of staff sub wallets to debiting bank accounts and salaries can all be automated requiring little manual intervention thereby making it extremely simple to run SOLKAP solution.

Corporate Pre Paid: on the other hand maybe more profitable as this involves upfront payment for the purchase of recharge funds in large quantities. With this option bank will have the benefit of “over subscription” and run the whole recharge business with customer’s funds. Customers can be encouraged to pay upfront by offering bonuses and commissions based on monthly recharge volumes and introduced customers’ performance. How funds are distributed within an organization depends on internal HR/Admin policy. They could decide to charge staff upfront for the personal funds or debit salary on pay day. So, if an organization has even five hundred staff for the bank there will be only one customer to deal with, the organization and one corporate account, thereby making the process simple and easy.

Products Development
Several products can be developed and can run concurrently, privately or publicly on bank’s website or clients’ website or their social media. This will also give a bank the opportunity to increase its online visibility.

Product are based on varying the following:

1.    Rate of bonus of each network

2.    Rate of commissions on introduction

3.    Target on each network

4.    Monthly or Daily cycle

5.    Size of transaction online payment, on main corp account

6.    Size of transaction online on payment by staff account

7.    Rate of bonus on every online payment, on main account

8.    Rate of bonus on every online payment, on staff account

9.    Public or private product


Post Paid Ilustration 

Pre Paid Illustration 


Advantages for Clients

1.   gets True Post Paid

2.   will be able to run entire company on pre paid numbers, with lower tariffs

3.   company-wide simultaneous recharges and automation

4.   gets more control, as they will be able to increase or decrease, add or remove numbers, add or remove staff accounts from the plan by themselves saving them a lot of time. Currently, they have to write to operator to carry out most of the actions

5.   will be able to run official and personal recharge concurrently. thereby treating personal recharge as one the unique benefits staff can enjoy. They will be able to recharge and automate recharge for family and friends easily. The only options they have now is either scratch cards or short-code based recharges. With both options, can’t serve the entire family satisfactorily.

6.   Staff can easily request for contingency recharge funds to travel with to recharge roamed numbers independently,  

7.   sign up with bank for post paid services on existing post paid or pre paid numbers without paying any security deposits

8.   or sign up for pay-as-you-go on prepaid numbers which is impossible now

Signing up Staff: we have made it easy for large organizations to sign up hundreds of their staff on the recharge platform easily. An organization may have all the staff details in an excel file: name, email, numbers, networks, amount approved on each number and amount approved for monthly funds for personal recharge, all you need to do is adjust to the given format and upload the file. The one upload will create accounts, set up the numbers, networks and amounts on each number and set up the personal recharge wallet value. Within seconds the entire account will be ready for use. All you need to do subsequently is select all accounts – recharge or fund staff accounts with the amounts set up. Or automate the process which is just a few more clicks.


Advantages For The Bank

1.   optimize existing recharge business,

2.   address the corporate recharge market with corporate pre paid and post paid which is grossly under served and gain first movers’ advantage

3.   customer loyalty scheme

4.   increase online visibility, encouraging customers to place their account url on their website and social media

5.   enable dealers to sell airtime from their own website without requiring integration with payment gateway or airtime gateway. This scheme can also be used to create employment

6.   attract new customers

7.   Inexpensive customizable and branded recharge solution for banks.



1.   Recharge account with all the operators

2.   VPN link or physical fibre optics link

3.   Integration to Bank payment platform

4.   Server in bank’s data center and internet link

5.   Domain or sub domain to access the platform on

6.   Customer care numbers and emails

7.   Branding materials, softcopy

8.   A number of other processes will be developed after discussions.

We encourage you to sign up for a corporate account and test our corporate solution. We also look forward to an invitation for a presentation so that we can explain the solution and the processes better.

Please contact us at solkap@solkap.ng