KN95 Mask for Organizations


Reusable and Washable KN95 Masks for Organizations

In an attempt to contain the spread of the virus the Government has issued guidelines, the most important ones being: Social distancing, wearing of facemasks and the use of hand sanitizers as often as possible. It is, therefore, recommended for every one of us to strictly follow the guidelines as we go about our daily business in order to protect ourselves and others.

What type of Maks to Use

1. KN95 Masks, non-medical: that can filter out airborne particles, pollens, and common allergens and viruses: (0.3microns),

2. It must have a self-priming filter and should be made of non-woven thin, light-weight 5 layer material that causes little resistance to breathing

3. 3D Curved design provides enough breathing space without touching the mouth or lips.

4. Flexible, soft, Glue-free, odorless

5. Nose bridge, to ensure contaminated air does not leak into the mask,


Please watch the following video to check how the Mask should look and feel:



How to Order KN95 Mask

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