4G Router


 Product Details
1. Glo 4G Router WiFi and LAN connectivity
2. Up to 32 users can connect via WiFi
3. It can also be connected to an existing LAN via RJ 45 cable connection
4. Easy plug and play installation
5. The Router accesses the internet via a Glo 4G SIM

Free Bundles
1. Free 18Gb Data
2. Bonus Recharge 4% on every recharge for 6 months
3. To redeem recharge Bonus register on our website: www.solkap.ng fill the forms, choose product type “Business” then under preferred product choose “Konga Customers”
4. Recharge bonus is offered across all networks
5. Upon expiry of the recharge bonus any of our products can be purchased to get another 6 months of recharge Bonus
6. Customers' Usages on Glo products purchased exceeding 300k monthly will earn another 3% for the month. This offer is on Glo only. However Bonuses received can be used to purchase any of our existing products too.

Bonus Recharge

1. You are entitled to 4% recharge bonus on every recharge on all networks
2. To redeem your recharge bonus sign up on our site under Konga Customers.
3. Once you sign up, fund your account (e-wallet) using your debit card, under "deposits". The funds you add will be used to recharge the numbers you set up.
4. On each funding of your account, bonus will be added to your e-wallet account
5. You can key in 100s of numbers or create 100s of sub accounts under your solkap account and recharge en masse or schedule by dates or multiple dates on each number or by group of numbers
6. Sub accounts can independently operate: they can fund their own accounts with their debit cards recharge

SIMs registeration: customers will have to register their SIMs at the nearest Gloworld shop before using. However, you may have a mobile registeration agent near you, visit our website to search the nearest person to your region. You may call the person to come over to your place to register your sim. In some cases we shall send our staff to register your SIMs.