Glo CUG for Family and Friends


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Max 500

Description Requirement Tariff
Minimum No of sims 10 and Above FREE
Existing GSM Lines Migration to Glo Platform   N500. but comes with Free month Subscription
Calls Within the Group FREE (Unlimited)
Others 15k/sec-(Glo to Glo)  20k/sec-(Other Networks)
4% Bonus on all recharges 
Within CUG FREE (Unlimited)
Others N4.00

N6/min after international calls subscription/ Subscription free: N1000/ Month
USA, Canada, India, Singapore,
China, Hong-Kong,
Roaming Using your lines
Auto Roam
Minimum Commitment Usage Level Minimum Credit allowance required per line, which can be used for voice and data N500
CUG Rental N500 will be debit from the available balance on the sim for renewal monthly on the date sim was activated  N500

How to Sign up for Glo CUG
1. select the Glo numbers in your solkap account you wish to migrate to Glo CUG
2. Selct the select Glo Max 500 from the drop down and complete the process
3. you will receive notifications instantly to confirm your order
4. as soon as the migration has been completed by Glo we shall notify you.
5. it may take about 10days to complete the migration on Glo side.


Data Packages 

Bonus on early renewal Price Data Volume 25% Bonus  Total Volume Validity
25% N1000 1.6Gb 0.4Gb 2Gb 30days
25% N2000 3.65Gb 0.9125Gb 4.65Gb 30days
25% N2500 5Gb 1.25Gb 6.25Gb 30days
25% N3000 7Gb 1.75Gb 8.75Gb 30days
25% N4000 10Gb 2.5Gb 12.5Gb 30days
25% N5000 12Gb 3Gb 15Gb 30days
25% N8000 20Gb 5Gb 25Gb 30days
25% N15000 42Gb 10.5Gb 52.5Gb 30days
25% N18000 50Gb 12.5Gb 62.5Gb 30days
25% N20000 63Gb 15.75Gb 78.75Gb 30days