How it works


SOLKAP is an electronic airtime management solution for organizations and families. 

Organizations today for their internal communications and with their clients have to maintain a large list of numbers with at least 3 subscriptions on each for Voice, Data, CUG, and quite often from different networks. Managing multiple subscriptions on different networks with multiple anniversary dates becomes extremely cumbersome and complex.. right? Well not any longer!

How It Works
SOLKAP provides the perfect platform to easily resolve all the complexities with a simple solution. You can now manage your recharges, renewals all by yourself. From upgrading to downgrading credit limits to automating all renewals: CUG or Data on 100s of numbers is just a matter of few clicks.

Just set up each staffer's name, email, numbers, networks, the credit limit, and you are done.

Easy Set up
Set up is extremely easy, in the event you have a large list of numbers, this too is not a problem. You can upload the entire list in a given format and instantly set up numbers, networks, assign credit limits, just one upload, that's all - simple and easy!

Easy to Work With
With the account, all setup, select numbers and recharge on-demand or automate the process for the entire year, if you wish. You can auto-recharge on desired dates and also time, create multiple recharge groups running concurrently. 

Staff Accounts
Staff can also have a personal wallet for personal recharges, to recharge their personal and family's numbers. Their wallets can either be funded by the organization, automatically, while the staff pays out of salary or they fund their wallets with their debit cards. This feature is particularly useful now in the current challenging times due to the pandemic to keep staff and their families safe.

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