How it works


SOLKAP is an ideal solution for managing airtime recharge on company numbers and staff's personal numbers. Our platform works similar to the way payroll systems work for paying salaries in organizations. The only difference: instead of paying salaries, airtime is credited on official numbers and funds are transferred to staff's recharge accounts so that they can recharge family's or friends' or domestic staff numbers independently.

How to sign up
(the admin sets the account)
1. sign up for a corporate account for your company,
2. log in and create staff accounts under the corporate account,
3. Set up each staff account with:
a. his/her numbers,
b. network,
c. recharge value: for recharge
d. fund value: for personal recharges
4. Fund main corporate account:
a. either by direct bank transfer or
b. with company debit card, under the deposits menu

Once all the above set up is completed, the account is ready. Select an account or all the accounts to recharge all simultaneously with the respective recharge values or fund staff accounts with the values set up under each account. Also both recharge and funding of staff account can be automated

Staff Accounts
Staff can also fund their own accounts and recharge and automate recharge for their family and friends thereby making it extremely easy to manage airtime compared to recharging each and every number using bank USSD codes and on different dates.


Please watch the videos to learn how to set up accounts



Valid Amounts You can Recharge

any amount between N10 and N500,000 are all valid amounts,
Maximum Amount per transaction: N500,000.00 (recharge)
Maximum Amount per payment: N200,000.00 per transaction via interswitch's "PayWithQuickTeller"

Please double check the lines and amounts to be recharged as reversal is not possible.


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