How it works



SOLKAP is an ideal airtime top up solution for:

1. Large Organsitions
2. Dealer and
3. Individuals.


SOLKAP Account
as indicated above a corporate account haa two parts:

1. a main account
2. user account
unlimited number of user accounts can be set up under a main account


SOLKAP etop up service is facilitated by:

1. Interswitch/QuickTeller: Online payments/Airtime Top Up
2. Globacom: Glo Airtime
3. GoDaddy: Domain service/Site Security
4. 1&1: Hosting


Setting up your Account

Your solkap account gives you the following options:

a. create user accounts, as many as desired and set up the number under each account, from any network
b. set up quick recharge limit/fund limit for each of the account created to recharge a number or fund an account
c. you can select mutiple lines for recharging simultaneously or create groups for like recharge categories:
eg recharge on same date, amount, eg recharge every Friday of the week or daily etc etc

d. both recharging, data recharging and funding can be automated by dates and time
e. the accounts that have been funded can recharge their lines themselves or automate by date and time.

NB: once an account has been funded by an admin he can not reverse the funds back to his account. The reversal will be available for corporate accounts only.

Import List

You can import large number of lines saved in an excel sheet into a user account in a specific farmat. Sample file is available for download. once lines are in an account you can recharge them by selecting them or by scheduling them by dates/time.


a. Select user, users or the entire group
b. click on load funds

c. choose "Assign now if all the selected users are to be recharged with the same amounts
d. choose "schedule" if all the selected users are to be funded on several dates with different or same amounts


you can create groups, as many as desired. You can either manage it yourself or create a sub admin called group head. Group head can be assigned with as many groups as desired for him to manage.

All groups have seperate accounts. Group accounts can be funded in order to budget funds for recharging lines in a group or groups on specific date/dates, eg rentals/data.
eg You can fund a group account with entire week's or month's or 3 month's funds from the main account and set off the recharge process instantly or automatically by scheduling by dates. You only refund accounts is low.
The recharge or funding of users in a group will only debit the group's account. This way you can easily plan your recharge/funding processing without the risk of running out of funds unawares.

You can also set up low fund alerts by yourself.

Valid Amounts You can Recharge:

any amount between N10 and N500,000 are all valid amounts,
Maximum Amount per transaction: N500,000.00
Please double check the lines and amounts to be recharged as reversal is not possible.
Please do not include commas in the recharge requests or credit limits setting


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